Shibaura Institute of Technology, Material Design Laboratory


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Professor Takeshi IYODA

²  Personal Data

 Name: Takeshi IYODA

 Position: Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology

 Address: 3-7-5, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

              Room No. 09R32 (Research build. 9 floors)

              Experimental room: 01B25 (Concrete experimental room)

 Phone: +81-3-5859-8356              Fax: +81-3-5859-8401



²  History

 1975 Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

 1993 Graduated Hamamatsu Nishi high school

 1997 Graduated Shibaura Institute of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering

 1999 Graduated Master Course of Shibaura Institute of Technology,

Graduate School of Engineering and Science,

Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering

 2003 Graduated Doctor Course of The University of Tokyo,

Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering

    [2001 Study abroad at l’Ecole Polytecnique Federal de Lausanne in Switzerland]

 2003 PD researcher at IIS, The University of Tokyo

 2003 Nippon Steel Blast Furnace Slag Cement Company,

Technical and Development Center

 2009 Assistant Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology

 2011 Associated Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology
 2016 Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology

²  Research Fields

 -Construction Materials

 -Concrete engineering

 -Cement Chemistry

 -Constructional Material Design

   Research Details

(1) Cementitios materials and ECO material
* cement hydration with some admixtures (powders)
* properties of fresh mortar
* GGBFS, FA etc on different country
* recycle aggregate
(2) Durability of concrete
* chloride ion penetration
* carbonation
* corrosion of steel bar
* carbonation ratio of real structures
(3) construction system
* easy system for concrete curing
* shotcrete
* cover concrete of tunnel
(4) Mechanism of durability
* tradition zone
* pore structure
(5) Maintenance of concrete structures

Any construction material is available for research.

²  Degree

Bachelor Engineering in Civil Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, 1997

Master Engineering in Civil Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, 1999

Doctor Engineering in Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo, 2003

*Title of thesis

 Bachelor: Study of crack due to drying shrinkages on concrete

 Master: Development of expert system for evaluation of existing concrete structures

 Doctor: Effect of the drying at early age on the microstructures and the physical properties of hardened cement paste

²  Papers

 Pages of total paper lists

 Since 2009.4.1 Material Design Laboratory (Iyoda Lab.) @2009