The goal of the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory (GEL) is to manage and maintain geo-structures and social infrastructures in harmony with the natural social environment, thereby allowing future human beings to inherit and develop sustainable urban infrastructure and urban environment.
The member of the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory are conducting research activities that can contribute to the creation and development of geo-structures and social infrastructures that can deal with various problems that may occur today or in the future of our living Earth.

[ to Everyone Considering Going on to Graduate School ]
Our GEL welcomes the admission of our graduate school (master program as well as doctoral program) of SIT from overseas (international students), regardless of the specialty of your current or past faculty. Let's enjoy the research together with us! We accept laboratory tours at any time. If you would like to visit to our GEL, please feel free to contact Prof. Inazumi.

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